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Connie Choe won the kimchi-making contest I entered back in May and for good reason. Her kimchi, Granny Choe’s, is tasty and is sold only by mail—an excellent strategy for fermented food. The pickle is made in small batches with surprise ingredients (pine nuts, parsley… dates?!), then gets packed almost immediately and shipped so that it ferments en route and arrives fresh.

Here’s the trophy she won, with a cute head of bok choi on top.

kimchi contest trophies

Now you might wonder whether it’s fair for someone who makes kimchi professionally to win a contest full of amateur kimchi makers. To you I say: Would it have been fair for my life to go on without my knowing about this particular and particularly delicious brand of kimchi? No. No it would not. And that’s why I am sharing it with you today.

How does she make it? This video (via boingboing) explains everything.

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