After the homebrew buzz, the White House beer recipes for the Honey Ale and Honey Porter have been published. I was hoping the administration would initiate a trading program (and legalize sending beer by mail along the way), but I suppose letting the nation’s homebrewers make it themselves is more efficient.

The recipes are below, and for a little nuance in following them, Garret Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery has written up his interpretation of the White House Honey Ale.

Recipe for the White House Honey Ale

Recipe for the White House Honey Porter


I want to taste the white house homebrew, so I’ve done what any red-blooded American would do: I’ve started a petition.

NPR tells me that Obama is cruising the country with homebrew and handing it out. While the president “doesn’t exactly hover around the carboy with a thermometer, agonizing over alcohol levels,” which I find somehow disappointing, perhaps it’s best for the beer, and the country, that the white house kitchen handles the brewing.

My question (and yours I’m sure), is how can the public get their hands on a bottle? The answer is simple: a good old homebrew trade by mail. You send the White House a bottle of yours, they send you a bottle of theirs. I’ve started a petition to make it happen—Trade White House homebrew through a mail-based homebrew exchange program. Sign on, we only need 24,999 more people to get this homebrew petition rolling!

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Quick kimchi

All the ingredients for kimchi in bowls on a table

Here are all the ingredients you need for a quick kimchi batch, in one picture. Can you tell what they are? The photo is from Bill who made the batch in less than a week. I tasted the results last Saturday at a pop-up breakfast operation, Carne en la calle, and it was tasty.

Here it is at three days in:

 Bowl of red, fermenting kimchi


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