Homebrew petition: taste the White House beer

I want to taste the white house homebrew, so I’ve done what any red-blooded American would do: I’ve started a petition.

NPR tells me that Obama is cruising the country with homebrew and handing it out. While the president “doesn’t exactly hover around the carboy with a thermometer, agonizing over alcohol levels,” which I find somehow disappointing, perhaps it’s best for the beer, and the country, that the white house kitchen handles the brewing.

My question (and yours I’m sure), is how can the public get their hands on a bottle? The answer is simple: a good old homebrew trade by mail. You send the White House a bottle of yours, they send you a bottle of theirs. I’ve started a petition to make it happen—Trade White House homebrew through a mail-based homebrew exchange program. Sign on, we only need 24,999 more people to get this homebrew petition rolling!

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  1. Skib’s avatar

    I love your idea, but it’s illegal to send beer through the mail. Good luck with this!

  2. Eric’s avatar

    Yup, legalizing mailing homebrew was built into the petition. It didn’t make it too far, though. I probably shouldn’t have started it right before going on vacation…

  3. Mike’s avatar

    Send a notice to the different brewcasts! I bet they’d be happy to give your petition some exposure. There’s always a chance you’d get changes made for the next time there’s a White House homebrew tour.

  4. Mike’s avatar

    Is it illegal to send yeast samples?

  5. Eric’s avatar

    Hi Mike, Yes, maybe I’ll try again with some proper promotion. I don’t think it’s illegal to send yeast samples–it all seems to hinge on the alcohol content of the liquid.


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