Sauerkraut workshop this Friday pickling workshop

I’m giving a sauerkraut workshop on Friday, November 27th, so come on over and bring all the cabbage you didn’t cook for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s part of the Buy Nothing Day celebration at the Non*Mart art show and it’s free.

The party lasts from 4 pm to 6 pm at Y2Y Gallery at 251 Balboa Street in San Francisco. I suspect the workshop will start at 5. We won’t be providing materials, so please bring your own:

– a widemouth mason jar (quart or half gallon) with a lid.
– a medium or small head of cabbage. It is helpful if you know how much your cabbage weighs. Check your receipt or ask the farmstand to weigh it when you buy it.
– a teaspoon of caraway and/or cumin seeds per quart.
– a mandoline or grater with a straight blade to slice, not grate, the cabbage. If you do not have a mandoline, we can share.
– a mixing bowl.

For more details visit the Non*Mart site.

The photo is from the pickling workshop I taught two weeks ago at Gravel & Gold.

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  1. k’s avatar

    Hey, Friday is November 27th!
    Now, I’m off to buy some cabbage!
    See you tomorrow

  2. Eric’s avatar

    Good point! Changing the date… better late than never I guess.

  3. Michael’s avatar

    Just enjoying some of the kraut from the workshop this evening–marvelous! I went a little crazy with the cumin seeds in this batch, so I’m already scheming about future batches.

    Any recommendations about making pickled beets? Radishes? What should we keep in mind if we strike out for other vegetables?

    Viva la fermentation!

  4. Eric’s avatar

    Hey Michael, glad the kraut worked out for you. For beets I recommend slicing them or cutting them into fairly thin wedges. The larger they are the more slowly they’ll ferment. Radishes make great pickles. You can see a (spicy!) recipe for them at my post how to pickle anything. As the title of that post suggests, you can pickle most vegetables, or most soft and semi-soft vegetables, in brine. I once made a great pickle of little round Thai eggplants with cilantro and chilies and I saw those at the farmers’ market over the weekend…


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