How to make sourdough

pouring sourdough starter

My step-by-step article on making sourdough bread, Get a Rise Out of Sourdough, is up on the blog for all the internet to see. I haven’t made any in a while and just looking at this picture of bubbly starter brings that yeasty, tangy smell to my nose. Mmmmmmmmm.

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  1. Yuan’s avatar

    Funny, I just started making sourdough the other day!

  2. Yuan’s avatar

    My problem is I got a very active starter but the resulting bread wasn’t very sour. Any ideas? I’m going to try a longer, slower proof next time.

  3. katie’s avatar

    dude i would be so stoked if you made Hogansourdough

  4. lowrah’s avatar

    I would like to have the recipe you use to make your bread.


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