Homebrew is cheap


I stopped by the corner store on the way home to get a sixpack and it cost me $10.50! Ok, I know beer comes in at more than $10 in some places, but I live in Oakland, and not the fancy part of the city either. And true, I like my microbrew over my PBR—today I got Sierra Nevada’s new Torpedo Extra IPA and I have to say it’s good. Even though it’s up at 70 international bitterness units (or IBUs), which is above and beyond your average IPA’s 40, it has great flavor instead of tasting gratingly bitter. The brewery chalks this up to their use of whole-cone hops over processed pellets or extracts and something called a “hot torpedo,” whatever that is. Look for info on hops here.

But back to the point! Ten dollars is expensive, especially compared to the $30 I spent on ingredients for the 50 bottles of blonde ale now waiting out their final stage of fermentation in my basement. Let me break it down for you: The beer I bought tonight = $1.75 a bottle. My beer = $0.60 a bottle. I can’t wait till it’s ready.

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